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All about you two!
How did you meet? What do you like to do together? How did you get engaged? I can't wait to get to know you!
Should I expect a group dance? Cold shoulders? In jokes? I can't wait!
Is your sheepdog walking you up the aisle? Do you stand by the best man carrying a sword? Let me know so I don't miss a thing!
Deaths, weddings, births and divorces are of particular importance.
So I know when to leave you guys in peace!
Your wedding day
(Including your maid of honour)
(including your bestman)
Include flower girls, page boys, ushers etc..
So you can just focus on the getting married bit! If you haven't got them, who's your wedding coordinator?
Where is it? Anything I should know about it?
Where is it? What do you love most about it?
If so, which one? What're the details? Fill me in!
Are there different numbers for the ceremony and the reception?
For Premium and Heirloom packages only, but you can tell me anyway if you like!
For Heirloom package only!
Flowers? Dress? Cake? Let me know so I can tag them in photos later!
Feel free to include hex codes if you happen to have them!
Is there something you think I should know? Something you just want to tell me? Throw it in here!
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