You're all booked! What next? 

I am so excited to get to meet you and your family! These mini sessions are a brand new offering and I can't wait to share a slice of my family experience with you. My aim is to capture images which don't just look like your family, but feel like your family as well. On the day, we'll get to enjoy lots of fun and silliness. In order to ensure we make the most of our short time, take a look at the information below.

Where will we meet? You will receive an email the week before the mini sessions are scheduled to confirm where you will meet my assistant.

When will we meet? When you book it'll be for a particular slot which will be confirmed in your booking email. In order to maximise the time we have, I ask that everyone arrives at least 10 minutes before their slot to allow time to walk from the car park to the shoot location.

What will our session look like? My assistant will collect you from our meeting point and will walk you to our shooting location. For our 15 minute session I'll direct you through capturing a selection of moments between you and your family. I come prepared to guide you and make you feel completely relaxed, yourselves and beautiful. Don't worry about how to stand or what to do with your arms, I will walk you through everything; all you have to do is be you! 

How long will our session be? Each slot is 15 minutes long. 

What should we wear? I always say that the more comfortable you are in what you're wearing, the more natural your images will be. Wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and something that you can move around in. As a family, it's best if you aim to coordinate but not match. Have a think about colours that complement each other, instead of all wearing identical shirts or colours for example. Avoid wearing anything with very bright colours or branding decals, as these can be distracting. Apart from that, just something that you really feel like 'you' in! As this is a Christmas session, feel free to wear Christmas jumpers, cosy knits or other festive dress. You’ll have the option of either a red checked blanket or a grey blanket to coordinate with your outfit choices. If you're still unsure, I'm happy to chat with you further!

What about my kids? Most children don't really like being asked to pose or 'give us a smile'. Those who do, will usually bring out the big cheesy grin that leaves us begging for their 'nice smile'! These sessions are not aiming to get that one, static, family photo with everyone looking at the camera and smiling pleasantly (although we'll always try to get one of those photos for the grandparents!); they're all about capturing who you and your children are at this moment in time. Because of that I love to let them be their wild, wonderful, wacky selves. Don't worry if your child doesn't want to smile, or is running about or pulling silly faces. Most of my client's favourite photos are taken just seconds after their child's silliest face! I love to capture them while they explore and play, working around what they're most comfortable with.

What if it rains!? We live in the weather filled UK, so we can never rely on a dry day. For a bit of a drizzle I have clear bubble umbrellas and I ask that you stick on your wellies and we make the most of the classic British weather! My assistant will text you within one hour of your session time if the weather is poor to confirm whether your session is going ahead. If your session has to be postponed it will take place on the following Saturday at the same time, unless other arrangements have to be made. On the occasion that weather is too poor on both Saturdays a full refund can be made at the photographers discretion.

What if I can’t make my session? Sessions are non-refundable but are transferable. If you can’t make your session, feel free to sell or gift it on to anyone you like. Please pass on that persons email address so that I can make contact and communicate with them before the date.

Can I bring any other people along? Due to the limited time we have. these shoots are just for you and your immediate family.

How do I see my photos afterwards? Within four weeks of your shoot date, I will send you a link to your private online gallery and a link to an instructional ordering video. This video walks you through the process of viewing and ordering your photos. You'll have the option of purchasing digital downloads, prints, canvases, frames, gifts and other products directly from your gallery. The gallery will be open for one week for orders and a further two weeks for digital downloads. There’s a full price list for you to check out ahead of time in the clients lounge. You can share your gallery with friends and family, for them to view and order from, if you choose. Your 10x8” print credit will be added to your gallery automatically.

How will I receive my order? After purchasing digital files you'll be emailed a link to download your images in a zip folder. All other orders will be delivered to your address within two weeks of the gallery order cut off date.

One last thing...

Please arrive and be ready to start on time! Remember, your session is limited to 15 minutes and there is no time for extensions. Please take traffic and parking into consideration in your planning. If in doubt, it's best to arrive early! 

I look forward to spending time with you all! For any further questions, feel free to contact me by email.