You're all booked! What next?

I  am  so  excited  to  meet  your  new family member!  Newborn sessions are such an honour, I can't wait to come and get to know you better. My aim is to create images which capture not just how sweet your new little one is, but also the emotions and atmosphere in your home in those special early days. Our time together will be fun, relaxed and full of love. In order to ensure we make the most of your precious time, take a look at the information below.

Where will the session take place? The majority of my newborn sessions are taken in your family home; this makes them all the more special. If for any reason this isn't possible, we'll discuss alternatives by email. I will take a look around your home on the day to identify the best spots for beautifully lit photos, but I usually take most of the photos in the master bedroom, lounge and nursery (if you have one). 

What time will the session take place? This is where you get to do a little homework! In the two weeks before your due date, try to take a look around your home and spot where and when the light comes in through your windows. Particularly, when the light comes into your master bedroom, nursery and lounge. This will help us to decide the best time for your shoot. I generally find that late morning works best, but we'll discuss this further via email.

How will we choose a date for our session? Babies are wonderful, but they're not always the best time keepers! In general, I aim to visit you and your new little one in the two weeks following birth. This is usually when they're the most chilled and sleepy; they stay that little for such a short time! We'll pencil in a time within two weeks of your due date, but remain flexible to work around you. 

What will the session look like? So you've just had a baby. They're so small, so how do they make so much mess!? I'm all about the messy realism, life is not always instagram-worthy-perfect (in fact, most of the time it isn't!). There is no need to tidy up for me, I know how it is. When I arrive I will take a little walk around your home and scope out the best light. After we've chosen our shootings spots, I might rearrange things a little or move some distracting objects out of the way, but that is not your responsibility. We'll take things nice and slow; these sessions are my longest and usually last around two hours to make space for feedings, changing and other baby needs.

How should I prepare my baby?  Your baby is perfect, just the way they are! A simple, plain, well fitting onesie with no graphics or words is all they need. I won't put your little one into any unusual poses or try to force them to sleep (or wake!) when they don't want to. This shoot is all about capturing all the little details of your growing family. At some point in the shoot I will probably do some naturally nude or loosely wrapped newborn photos too, so have a few favourite blankets and swaddles to hand. 
I recommend giving baby a good, feed around 15 minutes before I'm due. Feedings and changing can happen whenever necessary throughout the shoot, however, so don’t worry if this doesn’t work out.

What about older siblings? I know how hard it is for kids to pay attention for long periods of time, and newborn sessions are not short! I try to capture the main 'all family' and sibling images early on so they're free to go and play when they start to lose interest. They're welcome to pop in and out as they like. I will never force siblings to do anything they don't want to do, and will let them take the lead when it comes to their level of involvement. To prepare them for the session, let them know that a friend is coming over to take some photos of the family to avoid surprising them. 

What about us? This is a wonderful, beautiful, exhausting, messy and crazy time in your family's life. Whether this is the start of your little family or number 6, there's no time quite like the first weeks after a new member comes along. You will probably be feeling a lot of different things, all of which are completely fine. Your session is not about making you look like anyone but you, exactly as you are; my job is to show you just how beautiful that really is. I will guide you throughout the whole session and will never ask you to do anything you're not comfortable with.

What should we wear? I always say the more comfortable you are, the more naturally beautiful your images will be. Wear something that makes you confident, and something you can move, sit, and lie in. When it comes to style, neutral colours and simple patterns are best. Avoid bright colours and decals as they can be distracting. Complementing each other is much better than matching each other, think about colours that look nice together. Overall, just wear something that makes you feel comfortably 'you'. If you're unsure, I'm happy to chat you through wardrobe choices. 

How do we see our photos afterwards? Within four weeks of your shoot date, I will send you a link to your online gallery. Your session fee includes at least 65 full resolution digital images. All digital downloads are yours to share, print and keep forever. This gallery will be live for viewing, downloading and orders for 4 weeks.

Do you offer any further services? I know how time consuming finding a good printer and getting round  to printing your images can be. Because of this, I offer a selection of services to you, including printing, framing, canvases and photo books at competitive prices - all available through your gallery. Due to limitations with printing inks and medias,  I can only guarantee colours and appearance when you print through me. Images need to be edited differently for different media, so I edit images either for screen, canvas or printing.

You can share your gallery with friends and family, for them to view and order from, if you choose. All orders are delivered to your address to keep prices low. 

I look forward to spending time with you all! For any further questions, feel free to contact me by email.