Rose and Alessandro - One more great reason for an engagement session! | Berkshire Wedding Photographer |

I got the best comment at the end of this session. ‘This was great, just an excuse to kiss my fiance for an hour!’ So forget any of my reasons to book a couple’s session guys, that’s your reason right there!

I go into every one of these with one main aim, that you go home feeling like you’ve had some real, solid, unplugged time together. The beautiful photos you get are just a bonus. I include an engagement session with every wedding package for so many reasons, but one standout reason for you is a chance to stop and have a small reminder of why you’re doing this in the madness of wedding planning and prep!

These guys started by warning me that they were going to be a real challenge to photograph, I’ll let you make your own judgement on whether that was true (hint - it definitely wasn’t!) I cannot wait to celebrate their wedding day and capture the next part of their awesome love story.

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