The start of your forever! What can you expect?

Your wedding photography is booked! Whatever else happens now, you can be sure of one thing - there will be photo evidence. Here are some frequently asked questions:

How will our day work? You will plan more for this day than you thought possible, so when it comes to it you just need to kick back and enjoy it. In order to make this possible, I ask all couples to fill in a wedding day timeline. Once you’ve filled it all in, I turn it into a finished PDF (if you need any updates on timings, or additions to the day, just let me know.) This allows me to keep things running smoothly on my end, and it can be handed on to all of your wedding party so they know what’s going on too - win-win! On the day, I’ll arrive at the ceremony venue at least a half hour before the bride to begin preparations and to chat with the groom. From here out we just follow your timeline and enjoy ourselves!

What will the different photography types look like? Weddings are unique in that they require three different types of photography - Documentary, Posed and Lifestyle. Throughout most of the day I will be documenting what’s happening, creating a storyline of your wedding day for you to share and re-live at your heart’s content. I’ll be sneaking all over the place, grabbing shots of all the goings on. At some point in the day we will make the most of the fact that all your favourite people are in one place, and looking their best to boot, so we’ll get posed group shots in so many different combinations our heads will spin! Then comes my favourite bit. For a short while, we get to sneak off and take some private photos of just you two, enjoying this new status of man and wife. By the time we do this you’ll be glad of some time alone (okay, I’m there, but I don’t count - promise!) and you’ll be well practised after your engagement session.

What gear will you be bringing? I’m a gear minimalist, I don’t like to be weighed down by lots of stuff and instead prefer to blend into your day. I do shoot with two Canon cameras on a harness to allow me to switch quickly between different lenses and capture all the moments, and I use a flash gun later in the day if necessary, but that’s it!

Will you use flash during the day? I am a natural light photographer, so 90% of your photos will be provided using natural light. Most venues have sufficient natural light during daylight hours for this to be possible, and definitely preferable! However, on wedding days capturing the moment at all is more important than capturing the moment in the most perfect light. If necessary, I do use a high end flash gun with diffuser for as natural an effect as possible. This is particularly useful in the evening once natural light is no longer available, for instance during your first dance.

What will you wear at our wedding? Wedding days are formal events, and I want to fit right in and be as unobtrusive as possible. However, I’m also going to be crouching, sitting and lying on the floor and running all over the place all day, so I need to be able to move and to be comfortable! For this reason I make a point of dressing smart casual; this means I get to look nice but I don’t miss any shots for fear of flashing anyone in my wedding best!

We want to do something a bit unusual, can we arrange this with you? Absolutely! If you have a surprise, a tradition or something a bit special planned just let me know and we’ll chat about how we can make it amazing. Also let me know if you’re wanting to do first looks or anything out of the ordinary beforehand, that way we can plan it into the day.

Do you have a problem with guests taking photos? The short answer is ‘no’. I’m there to capture all the big moments (and some of the little ones) professionally, but that doesn’t mean your aunt/brother/cousin/best friend shouldn’t be able to take some snaps to remember the day too. I do ask that the photos of you two after the ceremony are kept private, this helps that time to remain relaxed and refreshing for you in what can otherwise be a very busy and overwhelming day. Apart from that, as long as your uncle isn’t standing in the aisle with his iPad it’s totally fine!

You’re with us all day, how do you get fed!? This is a great question! (One of my favourite) You’ll notice that this is brought up both in our contract and in your questionnaire, it’s that important. There are a few different options, but what I find works best is that I eat when and where you eat. This allows me to catch any impromptu moments that might happen, even through the meal. Alternatively, I can eat a vendors meal in another room or can take a quick break and head off site for a bite to eat. I don’t mind what you choose, whatever works best for you!

When is the balance due on our payment? If you’re in the wedding lounge, you’ve already paid your deposit, so your date is secured! The remainder of your fee is due no later than one month before the wedding. Don’t worry, I’ll send you a quick reminder closer to the time. This gives us plenty of time to organise things if there are any issues. If there is a problem, just get in touch, I know how crazy the run up to weddings can be!

What happens if you’re not able to attend? People get sick, accidents happen. I will do everything in my power to make sure that I’m there on the day, but sometimes it’s out of our control. In this case, I have a network of photographers around the South East and London who would immediately be contacted and asked to cover my position at no cost to you. This has never needed to be tested, but the system is in place just in case.

How will I view my images? Within twelve weeks of your wedding, I will link you to your private online gallery. You will have full download access and will be able to favourite and hide images in the gallery. I’ll also send you a sharing link for you to pass on to any family or friends who you’d like to have access to the images. It’s up to you if you’d like friends and family to have full download access, social download access or no download access - just let me know!

Will I have images to share on social media before the gallery launches? Oh yes, I will not make you wait for three months to see any photos of your wedding, I’m not that mean! I will release a ‘Sneak peek’ on social media within the next few days when everyone’s most excited to see them, unless you ask me not to (you might not want everyone seeing your photos before you, while you sun yourself in Hawaii!) Alternatively, I will release a small selection to you privately to share when you choose. These are social sharing size images and not for printing.

How long will my gallery be open? Will I be able to order any products through my gallery? This gallery will be live for viewing, downloading and orders for 6 months from the official launch date. I know how time consuming finding a good printer and getting round to printing your images can be. Because of this, I offer a selection of services to you, including printing, framing, canvases and photo books at competitive prices - all available through your gallery. You are, of course, welcome to print your images yourself (I just recommend you find a good lab, I’m happy to point you in the direction of a few!)

What do we have the right to do with our images? Although I retain the copyright as the image creator, I give you all your high resolution files with full lifetime printing rights. This means you can print and share the photos to your heart’s content! The only thing you can’t do, without permission, is sell the image. Basically, get in touch if Vogue asks to run your images in their latest edition! I also ask that you don’t run any filters or editing effects on the images and post them online; if you want to do this in your own home that’s completely up to you.

Will I receive any black and white images? I edit all images in colour, and then choose a selection to also edit in black and white. Some images are just made to look great in black and white, so I want you to have both options!

My package includes a product, how do I order this? The Premium and Heirloom packages include a photo book, and the Heirloom package includes a framed print. When I send you out your link these will be credited to your gallery so you can order them directly. In order to choose the images you’d like to be considered for your photo book you can use the labelling function. We’ll chat all about this after your photos are delivered!

I can’t wait to celebrate with you! For any further questions, feel free to get in touch.